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Special offer ISOtop Enterprise - integrated administration and management


ISOtop Enterprise addresses to all fields companies, both for the production oriented, and those in services. As a strategy for optimisation of all work processes and activities, the software ensure effective monitoring and strict business of all costs and eliminate losses, providing an overview of the business.

In developing of this administration and management system, we have used the latest web technologies: JBoss, Hibernate, JSF, Ajax and more.
More details about the technology used find here.

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Production Module Presentation - eliminating losses and automate records
Project Management Module Presentation - essential for best results in business
ISOtop Enterprise ERP Presentation - integrated administration and management system


  • Ability to be accessed from anywhere and on any workstations
  • Automation of records and can obtain real-time information - web application
  • Speed in obtaining specific reports and eliminate routine work, allocation of time for analysis and consulting
  • Controls on financial obligations related to customer-suppliers, coordination of work on uniform
  • Data are available for all users, depending on access rights they have
  • Project management: cost control on the project in relation to the time (cost of materials, human resources), tracking project budget allocation, tracking targets and tasks, general situation of all the works, human resource management
  • Integration: stock management, CRM, payroll calculation, project management, document management, dashboard, processes, indicators
  • Implementing quality standards easily: ISOtop Enterprise meets all requirements of performance and flexibility, and compliance with ISO 9001
  • Can be installed on any platform and connect to any database
  • The latest web technologies
  • The possibility of acquisition by European funds
  • The approach: Lean Manufacturing, PDCA and Manager orientation
  • Another big advantage is the purchase price of ISOtop's ERP Enterprise: the purchase of a license, access is provided for any number of workstations, medium and large companies with relatively large number of employees purchasing a large number of licenses this year the recession is only one obstacle in acquiring such applications.

ISOtop Enterprise STRUCTURE - integrated administration and management

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ISOtop Enterprise was a strategic support to ISO 9001 certification of our society but also for internal organization, helping us to manage our company business, defining processes and document management. Certificati ISO 9001
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