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Special offer ISOtop Enterprise - integrated administration and management

Latest news and updates

[01.07.2009] - ISOtop Enterprise - cresterea competitivitatii economice si accesarea de fonduri europene
[12.06.2009] - ISOtop Enterprise – managementul proiectelor in constructii si instalatii
[29.05.2009] - ISOtop Enterprise – managementul relatiei cu clientii - furnizorii si previzionarea cash flow-ului
[30.04.2009] - Solutii de eficientizare pentru managementul financiar al companiei dumneavoastra – protectia anti-criza
[03.07.2008] - Pentru performanta companiei dumneavoastra ISOtop Enterprise vine cu noutati pentru Resurse Umane, Salarizare si Pontaj
[15.04.2008] - SoftZone launch Human Resources from web application ISOtop Enterprise
[26.02.2008] - SoftZone has obtained the ISO 9001 certificate using ISOtop Enterprise
[01.11.2007] - The application ISOtop Enterprise is installed to our partener Calitop SRL
[15.10.2007] - The application ISOtop Enterprise is installed to the client Mara Tour International, turism agency
[01.10.2007] - SoftZone launch Sells - Acquisitions from web application ISOtop Enterprise

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ISOtop Enterprise was a strategic support to ISO 9001 certification of our society but also for internal organization, helping us to manage our company business, defining processes and document management. Certificati ISO 9001
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